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East Salford Branch

Bringing together members and supporters based in the Broughton, Irwell Riverside and Kersal wards.

Rob Mitchell represented the Greens at several Irwell Riverside elections

Rob Mitchell represented the Greens at several Irwell Riverside elections

Irwell Riverside

We would like to thank Rob Mitchell, our dedicated green activist in Irwell Riverside (who stood last as a  minority candidate at the 2010 local elections) for all his hard-work over the years, not only for putting a green box on the ballot paper, but also for his success in laying the foundations the Young Greens Group at Salford University. Rob achieved in campaigning on a variety of issues in his neighbourhood from tackling anti-social behaviour and setting up a residents group to his work ‘getting the vote out’ to disenfranchised and previously unregistered student voters during the Irwell Riverside by-election in 2009.  We wish him all the best for his future endeavors and hope to see him back at the ballot box up in Bury where there is a recently established Green Party.

Future Campaigns

We will be having discussions at our East Branch meetings to agree priority campaigns leading up to the 2011 Local Elections. If you are interested in getting stuck in then drop David Henry a line ( a line and we hope to see you at our next meeting!

River Watch

Is a campaign started by concerned residents living around the Eastern Stretch of the River Irwell supported by Salford Green Party activists and several other local groups. River Watch is effectively a network of individuals who keep an eye out for environmental hazards as well as anti-social behaviour and vandalism along the Irwell Valley  Way which passes through Broughton, Kersal and Irwell Riverside and into Manchester City Centre.

Bats About Broughton

For lovers of Flying Fury Salfordian (this could apply to many local figures – however the group is more interested in the one’s that don’t really hang around vampires). Regeneration schemes and rows of abandoned terrace houses, large dilapidated churches and mansions have turned the Broughton area into a nocturnal mammalian paradise, it’s always useful to have friends in high places.

Salford Green Students

Are you interested in local politics and fancy gaining skills and experience as party of  a real grass-roots community campaign? Whatever and wherever you’re studying and at whatever time in your life then why not Join as a Student for only £5 a year if you haven’t already. Since the 2010 General Election the entire Green Party membership has pleasantly surged, particular amongst younger people and those getting involved with politics for the very first time.

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